Bulldogs are Britain's soundest-sleeping dogs, study finds

More than a quarter of owners believe their canines sleepwalk, poll reveals

Tuesday 28 November 2017 10:42 GMT

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Louise Thomas

Louise Thomas


More than a quarter of British dog owners say they think their dog has sleepwalked, new research has revealed.

The study into canine sleeping patterns revealed that over two-thirds of owners say they’ve seen their dog running in their sleep, and 40 per cent say they have seen them sleep growl.

Over a third say their dogs wag their tail in their sleep and 75 per cent say they’re convinced their dog is dreaming during their slumber.

The Wagg research of 1,000 British dog owners also revealed that sleeping patterns may vary depending on the breed of dog.

Commenting on the research Dr Robert White-Adams said: “When you look at the statistics for which dog breeds are most likely to be up and around at night, and/or causing mischief, it is largely the breeds we associate with being more intelligent, and closer to their working heritages, like collies and spaniels.

“Many believe that these breeds have a higher cognitive ability than some of their canine counter parts; they learn quicker, and are easier to train and work.

“As little as we understand about consciousness and dreaming in dogs, we do know it requires significant mental ability, and therefore more intelligent breeds are those that are most likely to experience dreaming when they sleep.”

As part of its sleep research, Wagg also identified the best canine sleepers.

Bulldogs came out as the best behaved during the night, with 47 per cent of them sleeping through without a stir.

But sheepdogs are night owls, with only 12 per cent of them sleeping through the night.

The best and worst dogs when it comes to sleeping are;

  1. Bulldog (47% sleep through the night)
  2. Beagle (45% sleep through the night)
  3. Lurcher (42% sleep through the night)
  4. Jack Russell (40% sleep through the night)
  5. Labrador = Boxer (37% sleep through the night)
  6. Spaniel (36% sleep through the night)
  7. German Shepard (34% sleep through the night)
  8. Golden Retriever = Shih Tzu (32% sleep through the night)
  9. Collie (30% sleep through the night)
  10. Terrier (28% sleep through the night)
  11. Pug (24% sleep through the night)
  12. Sheepdog (12% sleep through the night)

Wagg has conducted research into the sleeping habits of dogs as part of a campaign to make dog’s dreams come true.

Five lucky dogs will have the chance to have their dreams made into a reality by Wagg.

All the owner needs to do is visit www.waggfoods.com/days and explain what their dog’s ultimate dream would be.

Lucy Stones from Wagg said: “At Wagg we’re passionate about dogs and the integral part they play in our families.

“We want to give every dog it’s day, every day, so we’re helping owners make their dog’s dreams come true.

“Imagine the snow-obsessed Jack Russell’s reaction when it starts snowing on a warm day, or the beach-loving Lab’s face when he gets his very own sand to roll in, when he lives hundreds of miles from the sea. Wagg can make it happen.”


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