Domestic abuse victims to be given up to £2,500 to help them flee partners

‘Kids, lack of money and confidence, and fear of reprisal keep so many victims locked into dangerous and harmful situations for far too long,’ says minister for victims and safeguarding

Maya Oppenheim
Women’s Correspondent
Tuesday 09 January 2024 15:13 GMT
Domestic abuse victims to be given up to £2,500 to support fleeing partners

Domestic abuse victims will be given up to £2,500 to help them escape their situation under a new government scheme.

The Home Office has announced a £2m pot for people who lack the money to escape an abusive partner.

Victims can claim a payment of up to £500 for staples such as food and nappies, or can apply for up to £2,500 to go towards housing costs. The payments will be available from 31 January.

The fund builds on a pilot scheme funded by the Home Office and delivered in conjunction with Women’s Aid last year, which helped more than 600 people get to safety.

The minister for victims and safeguarding, Laura Farris, said: “Women leave abusive partners at what is often the lowest point in their lives. The most common issues – kids, lack of money and confidence, fear of reprisal – keep so many victims locked into dangerous and harmful situations for far too long.

“I am proud this fund has helped over 600 people to escape their abusers and find safety, and hope this additional £2m will help hundreds more find peace and rebuild their lives.”

Previous research reported by The Independent found that nearly three-quarters of domestic abuse victims said the spiralling cost of living crisis had stopped them from escaping their abusive partner or made it trickier for them to flee.

The domestic abuse commissioner for England and Wales, Nicole Jacobs, said: “It will be a lifeline for many, helping victims to flee abuse and rebuild their lives.

“I hope to see this critical funding reach as many victims and survivors as possible, including those who face the most significant barriers to support.”

The scheme, which will continue until March 2025, will be rolled out through a network of local frontline services in England and Wales.

Farah Nazeer, chief executive of Women’s Aid, said: “Domestic abuse affects a huge number of people, many of whom face additional challenges when it comes to receiving the life-changing support that they need.”

Ms Nazeer said that more than three-quarters of applicants during last year’s pilot of the fund used their money to replace or buy essential items, having escaped their abuser with no money.

“By allowing more survivors to escape their abusers, we are taking steps in the right direction to building a society in which domestic abuse is no longer tolerated,” she said.

For help or support contact the National Domestic Abuse Helpline, which is open 24/7 365 days per year on 0808 2000 247, or go to its website at

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