8 things airline pilots won't tell you

Don't drink the coffee, turbulence is nothing to worry about and leaving phones on isn't a safety risk

Samuel Osborne@SamuelOsborne93
Friday 30 October 2015 09:37

Next time you fly, don't drink the coffee or worry too much about leaving your phone on during takeoff and landing.

That's according to responses to the Quora question: "What are some things that airline pilots won't tell you?"

1. Don't drink the coffee

One anonymous user, who said they were an airline pilot flying for a major airline, warned flyers not to drink the coffee.

Chemicals inserted into the water tanks to prevent bacteria from growing are responsible for its bad taste.

2. Where the best seats are

The smoothest place to sit on a plane is over or near the wing. Seats towards the back will be bumpiest.

When in the air, the plane is a bit like a seesaw, the middle doesn't move much.

Also, the flow of air is generally from the front to the back of the plane. This means the freshest air is at the front, while the warmest is at the back.

3. Pilots don't eat airline food

Pilots get their own separate meals prepared for them in order to limit the chance that they'll get sick from it.

Both pilots are served different meals to avoid food poisoning affecting the flight.

Brawl on plane

4. Don't worry about the fasten seatbelt sign

One anonymous user who said they were a pilot said passengers shouldn't worry too much about the fasten seatbelt sign, as some pilots forget to turn it off and others leave it on for the whole flight.

They'll let you know when they're expecting turbulence.

5. Some pilots carry guns

Some pilots on American planes are allowed to carry guns in the cockpit.

6. How to tell if a plane is being hijacked

One user said that if a plane is being hijacked they will leave the wing flaps up that slow the plane down after they land.

This is to signal to the airport that something is happening inside the plane.

7. Turbulence is nothing to worry about

The majority of crashes happen during takeoff or landing.

Turbulence only bounces everyone around for a while and pose little concern for pilots.

However, passengers should be aware of updrafts, which were described as being like "hitting a giant speed bump at 500 miles an hour". They violently throw everything up in the air and then down again.

8. Phones aren't a safety risk

Mobile phones can, in fact, be used during take-off and landing as well as in flight.

There is no conclusive proof that electronics or mobile phones cause problems with an aircraft's systems.

One user said pilots use their mobile phones when standard radio communication methods become too cumbersome.

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