Heathrow security confiscate miniature 'gun' from Toy Story Woody figure

Security staff seized the toy gun from the doll as its owner before a flight

Heather Saul
Tuesday 11 February 2014 15:28 GMT
Woody as his tiny toy weapon was confiscated
Woody as his tiny toy weapon was confiscated (Imgur/jhazen27)

The thought of Toy Story character Woody being considered an airport terror threat may seem laughable to most, but not so for the Heathrow security staff who confiscated a miniature toy gun from the doll before allowing it to travel with its owner.

A puzzled father uploaded a picture of the moment staff chose to remove the tiny firearm after examining his Woody figurine.

"I have travelled the world with Toy Story’s Woody, taking pics for my son," the father told Reddit users. "At Heathrow, security just confiscated his “weapon”, keep the world safe boys…"

He added this was the first time he had ever had trouble taking Woody aboard a flight before. "[The] guy didn’t notice me taking the pic", he said. He was actually quite nice [and] tried to see if they would override the rule … but in the end he had to take the gun."

Some Reddit users responded with surprise, while others could not help but drop in the obligatory Toy Story quotes, with one replying: "'Did they find the snake in his boot?"

A spokesperson for the Department for Transport would not comment directly on the incident, but said: "We do not comment on specific incidents or details of our security regime.

A still from Disney's first CGI film 'Toy Story' (1995)
A still from Disney's first CGI film 'Toy Story' (1995) (Rex Features)

"Airports and airlines can use their discretion to remove any item being carried in hand luggage when they believe it may be perceived as a threat", they told The Daily Mail.

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