Couple marry after first meeting at airport on the way to Las Vegas wedding

Couple marry without telling family because of 'undeniable connection'

Harriet Rose-Gale,John Bett
Thursday 27 December 2018 11:31
Married at First Sight trailer Channel 4

A pair of strangers married on Christmas Day after meeting for the first time at an airport - on the way to their own Las Vegas wedding.

Sarah Edwards, née Elliott, 34, matched with Paul Edwards, 36, online on 15 December and after speaking for a few days, decided to get married despite having never met face-to-face.

The couple agreed on a wedding venue, the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. They met for the first time at Gatwick Airport on Christmas Eve to board a plane to Las Vegas in full wedding dress.

Ms Edwards, a nanny originally from New Zealand who lives in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, said the two of them had “an undeniable connection.”

She said: "I feel like Paul's my best friend already."

Sarah Elliott, 34, and Paul Edwards, 36, at their marriage in Las Vegas, USA

"We're not looking at everything through rose-tinted glasses. We know it will be challenging, but we're willing to work together. We've both tried to do things the traditional way before and it didn't work out for either of us.”

Ms Edwards explained she had previously been married, while Mr Edwards dated someone for eight years who left him a week before they were supposed to get married.

"I'm committing to making this marriage absolutely work - like they did in the old days,” she added. "It's traditional. Older generations might have only met their partner once or twice before getting married.”

Paul Edwards suggested getting married after Sarah Edwards (then-Elliott) mentioned the Channel 4's show Married at First Sight

Ms Edwards admitted her friends were not supportive of the decision and she had not told her family about the marriage.

Mr Edwards, who has two daughters aged 13 and 15 from a previous relationship, was also yet to tell his children.

Through text messages and phone calls, the couple discussed a range of topics, from Ms Edwards’ nationality to Mr Edwards’ profession, and eventually got onto topical TV chat.

Ms Edwards brought up Channel 4's Married at First Sight and began talking about what strengthens a relationship - a physical or emotional connection.

But Mr Edwards had never heard of the show, and when she explained the concept he replied "let's get married then" less than a minute later.

Although Ms Edwards said she was “freaking out” on the 11 hour flight to Las Vegas, she was adamant the couple would go the distance.

She said: "Our marriage will work because we're completely open and honest about everything in our lives. I have faith. We can talk about absolutely everything - there's nothing I'd feel uncomfortable discussing with him because I know there's no judgement there.

"Paul was wavering the other day and getting anxious. He said: 'Are we really going to do this?' "We talked it through - as a team - and decided we had as good a chance as anyone.”

The couple were married by Roland August, a Las Vegas minister who starred in a Katy Perry music video.


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