London Tube worker who finds seats for pregnant women every day praised as 'one of life's heroes'

'I haven't been a commuter for over two years but I remember this lovely, lovely man,' says one mother on Facebook

Jess Staufenberg
Wednesday 03 August 2016 18:01 BST
Pip with two of his admirers at London Bridge underground station
Pip with two of his admirers at London Bridge underground station (Mummy's Gin Fund/Facebook)

A London Underground worker who makes it his personal mission to ensure every pregnant woman gets a seat on the Tube has won the praise of hundreds of women.

Known only as Pip, the platform worker at London Bridge underground station has come to the public's notice for a "chirpy" attitude - which reportedly means the busy Tube stop "goes to pot" when he is not around.

But it has been his focus on finding a seat for every pregnant woman who needs to rest up that has been noticed by dozens of would-be parents and lauded widely on social media.

Mother's group Mummy's Gin Fund said they found out about Pip through a post left by one of their 16,000 members and urged the internet to support the hashtag #Belikepip in recognition of his efforts.

"Commuting is one of the hardest parts of pregnancy, the heat, the squash, the standing, the smells," one of Mummy's Gin Funds members, Helen, told The Independent.

"Pip is one of life's heroes. Every morning, he cheerfully finds pregnant women seats without upsetting the fine balance of speed versus comfort.

"He is relentlessly cheerful, helpful and caring. He makes what could be a scary and much dreaded commute that little bit easier. Pip, thank you."

From the comments on the post, which has been liked more than a thousand times in just one day, it appears Pip was already well-known among the Northern line commuters.

"This guy is amazing - somehow gets twice as many people on each train every morning with his gentle cheery cajoling," said one Facebook user.

"You can really tell when he's not there as it all goes to pot."

Many of the commentators have said the message ought to to land on Pip's boss' desk in appreciation of his efforts.

Another woman said: "Awwww this guy! I haven't been a commuter for over two years but I remember this lovely, lovely man! He was so sweet to me even before I was pregnant. Hope lovely things are coming his way."

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