Mother of British cyclist mistakenly killed by hunter in Alps says she hopes her son 'rots in hell'

Marc Sutton has been accused of years of sexual attacks and abuse towards women

Tim Wyatt
Wednesday 17 October 2018 16:41 BST
Mother of British cyclist mistakenly killed by hunter in Alps says she hopes her son 'rots in hell'

The mother of a British man who was accidentally shot dead in the French Alps by a hunter has celebrated his death, along with others who have accused him of violence and repeated rape.

Marc Sutton died instantly on Saturday when a French man hunting wildlife mistook him for prey and shot him in thick woods near Les Gets Alpine ski resort close to France’s border with Switzerland.

Instead of grieving his death, Mr Sutton’s family have welcomed the news.

His mother, Katrina Toghill, wrote on Facebook that she hoped he would “rot in hell”.

She wrote: “My only disappointment is you died instantly. For any horrified people reading this, I’m not some vicious troll. I’m the woman who gave birth to him. This man was a monster.”

Ms Toghill explained that she believed her son was responsible for inflicting years of sexual abuse and rape on a young girl who was well known to him while growing up.

One of his alleged victims told The Sun that his death was “a massive burden off my back” and she was “relieved he couldn’t hurt us or anyone again”.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said that Mr Sutton repeatedly raped her, starting when she was just eight years old.

“He threatened that if I told anyone he would kill me, everyone would hate me, and no one would believe me. I knew it was wrong, I knew he shouldn’t be doing it,” she said. “He carried on doing it again and again. It was every few weeks, I think he attacked me around 100 times. I was petrified.”

She added that Mr Sutton had also “attacked her with screwdrivers and knives and beaten her often”.

Marc Sutton, originally from Caerphilly, south Wales, died after he was hit by a hunter's bullet while riding his mountain bike in woodland near Montriond, France (Facebook)

Ms Toghill said she had no idea of the abuse her son was allegedly inflicting until his victim finally disclosed her ordeal when she was 17.

“I didn’t believe her,” she told the tabloid. “I know he was a s*** of a child but he was my kid. He sat there rocking back and forth like a caged animal not saying anything. But he never denied it.”

Of the 22-year-old hunter who has not been named, she added: “You aimed well.”

Mr Sutton was never charged with a crime for these allegations, but was later jailed for six months for attacking an ex-girlfriend.

And another former girlfriend Ann-Marie Mounty, told The Sun that she “cried with relief” when she found out he had been killed.

She said he was violent towards her and when she decided to end their relationship, he smashed her car windows.

“They painted him out to be some sort of angel,” she said. ”We know what he’s like. He got off lightly really. He was a psycho.”

Mr Sutton eventually left Britain and travelled across the world before settling in France, where he set up a restaurant and became heavily involved in outdoor sports.

Prosecutors have revealed that Mr Sutton was wearing coloured clothing when he was hit by a single bullet in the spine and lungs from about 40m away.

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French authorities have opened an investigation into his death and the hunter faces possible charges of aggravated manslaughter. Local media reports have suggested the man was being treated for shock in hospital.

If convicted, the hunter could face prison.

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