Mystery of policeman who left £2m will

Jason Bennetto,Crime Correspondent
Sunday 19 January 2014 05:16

A policeman who was earning less than £30,000 a year before he retired has left more than £2m in his will, including £25,000 to his son-in-law to improve his golf.

Robert Anderson, who was also a flight lieutenant in the RAF in the Second World War, died last year aged 83, leaving a fortune in shares and savings. But as details of his £2,012,969 estate were published, mystery remained over the source of his wealth.

Executors and family members have refused to discuss how he came by the enormous sum on a police chief inspector's pay. Mr Anderson, of Jordanhill, Glasgow, rose through the police ranks and retired 20 years ago.

He died last November at St Margaret's Hospice, Clydebank, and left most of his estate to his wife, Maria, and his only child, Patricia Douglas, who now lives with her family in Toronto.

The will, which was drawn up a few months before his death, also left Patricia's husband, Alan, £25,000 "to improve his golf".

Details of the will, which have only now emerged, revealed that by the time of his death Mr Anderson had amassed shares worth £330,000. He had a string of savings accounts with huge balances including £260,000 in the Leeds and Holbeck Building Society; £250,000 in the Newcastle Building Society; and £220,000 in the Woolwich. There was also £200,000 in Northern Rock and £50,000 in the Dunfermline Building Societies.

The rest of the fortune was kept in savings accounts across Britain. He left £5,000 to the RAF Benevolent Fund and £20,000 to other charities.

One member of Mr Anderson's local church said little was known about his life and the disclosure that he had been a millionaire had come as a complete shock.

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