Naked sunbather bewildering Manchester office workers

The man has been basking nude on his balcony almost every day for the last three months

Alexandra Sims
Wednesday 09 September 2015 11:42

A naked sunbather basking on the balcony of his flat each day has become a minor celebrity for bemused Manchester office workers.

The man has been dubbed “naked guy” by office staff, who work on Trinity Way, Salford, in reference to “ugly naked guy” from hit US sitcom Friends, the Manchester Evening News reports.

He has been sunbathing nude on his balcony almost every day for the last three months according to one worker, who said he usually comes out for his nap at around 2pm.

The member of staff, known only as Sharon, told the MEN: “It is quite funny and it’s become a bit of a joke I suppose.

“He does usually wear a thong – but on Monday he decided to take it off and it was a bit much.”

According to Sharon, the man’s balcony is situated on a main road and surrounded by other office blocks, meaning his naked antics are in full view of the general public.

She also suggested there was more going on in apartments opposite the office than nude sunbathing.

“In the past we have seen police raids and people doing parkour all around its ledges and walls. It’s an exciting place to work," she said.

By speaking to the press, Sharon said she hoped the naked stranger might read of the staff’s embarrassment and “think twice" in the future before "bearing all”.

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