Mother feels pop as ‘parasite’ crawls out of eyelid ‘like scene from horror film’

Matt Mathers
Thursday 04 August 2022 21:00 BST
Botflies Are the Grossest Parasites on Earth
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A woman was left with "the worst pain she had ever felt" from a "parasite" that burrowed into her eyelid.

Louise Edwards woke up on 22 July with what she described as a spot above the skin on her right eye.

Ms Edwards , of Allerton, Liverpool, thought she had been bitten by a bug but sought medical treatment after the wound got bigger.

The 34-year-old mother went to St Paul's Eye Hospital in Royal Liverpool Hospital the following day and was sent home with antibiotics.

Acting on the advice of a neighbour, Ms Edwards said she then used boiling water to draw out whatever was in her eyelid.

She said she felt a "popping sensation" and some sort of "parasite with legs" began crawling out of the wound, the Liverpool Echo reported.

Ms Edwards, who had visited Turkey the previous month and used her caravan the week before waking up with the bite, said she didn't know what might have caused it.

The ‘parasite’ that came out of Louise’s eyelid

She then took the "parasite" back to the hospital where one nurse laughed and said it looked like something out of an "alien movie".

One person wrote online that the parasite looked like something from a “horror movie”.

Doctors advised her to carry on taking her course of antibiotics. She has another appointment with her GP and hopes to find out what was inside her eyelid.

Some people have speculated online that the bug might have been a botfly.

Botflies are part of the dipteran familes of flies. Adult botflies are beelike in appearance and hairy but without bristles.

Their larvae are parastic on mammals.

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