RAF 100 flypast: Which route did the Air Force take this afternoon?

Tuesday 10 July 2018 15:59
RAF 100 flypast: Watch the route the planes will take

On the day the force celebrates its 100-year anniversary, a video showing the RAF’s full flypast route has been released by the organisation.

Thousands lined the streets of London to watch more than 100 RAF helicopters and jets as they flew across the capital in the largest concentration of military aircraft seen over London in recent memory.

The Queen spoke of the "remarkable contribution to defence" over the last century as she presented the Queen's Colour to the RAF, while spectators watched in awe as 22 Typhoon jets spelt out the number "100" in the sky - their biggest ever formation.

Diana Terpougoff travelled from Malta to watch the flypast from The Mall.

Thousands gathered on The Mall to watch the flypast

"I couldn't have felt more full of pride. What impressed me most was the pure skill on show, and of course the amazing 100 formation at the end," she said.

"Both my dad, and brother Tony were in the RAF for 25 years, so it makes this really special. It was worth the trip!"

In the video released by the RAF, it shows planes taking off from various bases across the country to join up before heading towards London. Once the group joined together in the air over Suffolk, they then flew west to the capital.

On route to Buckingham Palace, the formation passed over various boroughs, including the Olympic Park, Shoreditch and the City of London, before reaching the palace just after 1pm.

Earlier today the Queen, joined by Princes Charles, William and Harry and the Duchesses of Cornwall, Cambridge and Sussex, attended a service of remembrance at Westminster Abbey. Prime minister Theresa May also made an appearance at the service.

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