Shetland pony visits pub every day and drinks Guinness

Owner wants animal to become desensitised to noise 

Rory Sullivan
Wednesday 04 March 2020 14:34
Shetland pony visits pub every day and drinks pint of Guinness

A miniature Shetland pony has become a popular presence at a pub in Devon, after his owner began taking him there for a daily Guinness.

Kirk Petrakis, 42, decided to bring Patrick, his pony, along to the Drum Inn in Cockington, Devon, so that he would become desensitised to loud sounds before he starts working with children.

“The daily pub visit is all part of his routine and is his highlight. He likes a sip of Guinness and he has a carrot – that’s it,” he said.

“It’s a special treat for him. We decided on Guinness as he was born on St Patrick’s Day. It also has some nutritional value for him. He just has a few sips — nothing too heavy.”

Patrick has become so popular at the pub that a party will be thrown there on March 17 to celebrate his second birthday.

According to Mr Petrakis, Patrick loves all the attention he receives in the pub, with people taking pictures of him and cuddling him.

Commenting on his behaviour, he said: “Patrick is always on best behaviour though and is very docile. He has never had to be kicked out and is a lot better behaved than some of the dogs.

“He is quiet and just brings a calming presence.”

As Mr Petrakis and his wife, Hannah, run a carriages business, Patrick will most likely be put to work pulling a miniature carriage for children.

The pony might also be used for therapy, and for school and hospital visits.

Addition reporting from SWNS

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