Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson filmed brawling with man at Ascot

The right-wing campaigner is seen throwing several punches during the 15 second clip but reportedly claims he was acting in self defence

Greg Wilford
Sunday 25 June 2017 14:35 BST
Tommy Robinson repeatedly punches a man in the head in the car park of Royal Ascot

Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson has been filmed brawling with a man at Ascot.

The right-wing campaigner, dressed in a smart black suit and tie, is seen throwing a right hand punch at the man as he stumbles backwards holding his hands up at the start of the 15 second clip.

Mr Robinson, 34, pauses briefly when the man falls to the ground before grabbing his suit jacket with his left hand and throwing another six punches with his right.

Tommy Robinson and the man threw several punches at each other during the brawl.

The man swings three punches back at Mr Robinson but none of them connect and he falls over again.

Three other men rush in and separate the pair, who appear to be fighting on a patch of grass behind an ambulance and two large coaches just after 7pm.

The footage, which was tweeted by Channel Four reporter Assed Baig, appears to have been filmed by a bus's on-board camera.

Mr Baig said in another tweet that an eyewitness told him Mr Robinson threw the first punch following a verbal altercation with the man in the video.

The post prompted the Mr Robinson to reply: "Your eye witness is a Muslim."

Mr Robinson has claimed he was acting in self defence and has since tweeted: "I was out with my wife when I was attacked."

The Rebel Media reporter says he has recorded an interview with a Muslim coach driver he says released the footage, and announced he will release a full video response later.

Piers Morgan retweeted the clip and said: "Tommy Robinson hates Islam because he says it's a 'violent' religion. Here's Mr Robinson at Ascot yesterday."

The pair recently sparked outrage during a heated interview on Good Morning Britain when the EDL founder attacked the Quran as a "violent and cursed book" the day after the Finsbury Park terror attack.

Mr Morgan branded Mr Robinson a "bigoted lunatic" and told him to "show some damn respect for people’s religious beliefs" as Mr Robinson held up the Islamic holy book.

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