Tommy Robinson: Police called after ranting anti-Islam activist bangs on door of historian who helped fund lawsuit against him

Mike Stuchbery has sought to expose far-right intimidation of critics

Tom Embury-Dennis
Tuesday 05 March 2019 13:19 GMT
Tommy Robinson hammers on door of critic in middle of night

Anti-Muslim activist Tommy Robinson has been accused of intimidation after he turned up at the door of a historian who helped fund a legal case against him.

Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, turned up on Monday evening at the Luton home of Mike Stuchbery, a historian and columnist for The Independent.

Footage shot by Robinson shows him banging on the front door and windows of Mr Stuchbery’s house, and threatening to make a documentary “exposing” the campaigner.

“At the same time, messages came flooding in via social media. Despite being banned by Facebook, he was using a mate’s account to stream – and the abuse came flooding in,” Mr Stuchbery tweeted, alongside screen grabs of abusive messages.

After police were called, officers convinced Robinson to leave, Mr Stuchbery said, but he returned again at 5am on Tuesday morning.

It came a day after lawyers representing a Syrian boy who was attacked at school attempted to serve Robinson a legal letter in an effort to sue him for defamation.

Mr Stuchbery helped crowdfund total donations of more than £10,000 for legal action against Robinson after he created a series of videos and Facebook posts about the incident in October.

“I’ve spent the last few months documenting how ‘Tommy Robinson’ uses doorstepping to intimidate his critics, and how social media giants have enabled it,” Mr Stuchbery tweeted.

“So what does he do? Turns up at my house tonight.”

Robinson said his doorstepping of Mr Stuchbery was retaliation for what he said was a “campaign of hate” against him and his family by “far-left activists”, who he accused of intimidation against his family.

He told The Independent a group of men attempted to deliver the letter on Sunday afternoon to an address belonging not to him but his in-laws, who he said had been targeted for months by critics.

“They didn’t just come to my house, they videoed the name of the road, they gave the number and they revealed the location,” he claimed, adding it was “a campaign of harassment”.

Tommy Robinson rants about 'corrupt media' amid calls for YouTube to ban him

Robinson’s footage, which has already been viewed thousands of times on YouTube, shows the 36-year-old calling Mr Stuchbery a “wrong-un” and a “weirdo”, and making his Luton address public.

“By the end of this week, everyone on this entire estate is going to know your name,” Robinson says, before adding, “The whole of Luton is going to know there’s a complete wrong-un living in that house”.

Robinson is Ukip’s official adviser on grooming gangs. His criminal record includes convictions for violence, drug possession, public order offences, mortgage fraud and entering the US under a false passport.

Bedfordshire Police said: ”We were made aware of the handing over of legal papers on Sunday and attended the address to ensure no breach of the peace occurred.

“This passed off without incident and no police action was taken.”

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