Watch as world leaders gather for second day of AI summit at Bletchley Park

Oliver Browning
Thursday 02 November 2023 11:01 GMT

Watch as Britain hosts a global summit on artificial intelligence at Bletchley Park, inviting political leaders and tech bosses to try to agree an approach to the fast-developing technology.

Losing control of AI is the biggest concern around the computer science, the technology secretary said on Thursday 2 November, the second day of the summit.

Michelle Donelan said a Terminator-style scenario was a “potential area” where AI development could lead but “there are several stages before that”.

She was speaking to Times Radio from Bletchley Park, where the government has convened delegates from around the world alongside tech firms and civil society to discuss the risks of the advancing technology.

Ms Donelan said the government has a responsibility to manage the potential risks, but also said AI offered “humongous benefits”.

“We have convened countries across the globe, companies that are working in this space producing that cutting-edge AI and also academics, scientists, experts from all over the world to have a conversation and work out, ‘OK, what are the risks?’” she said.

“How can we work together in a long-term process so that we can really tackle this and get the benefits for humanity, not just here in the UK, but across the globe?”

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