London Mayoral Election 2024: Who is Amy Gallagher, the candidate for Social Democrat Party?

Amy Gallagher is an NHS nurse and psychotherapist

Jabed Ahmed
Sunday 28 April 2024 16:56 BST
Amy Gallagher says she plans to protect religious freedoms across the capital
Amy Gallagher says she plans to protect religious freedoms across the capital (Amy Gallagher)

Amy Gallagher is the Social Democrat Party candidate for London mayor.

She is an NHS nurse and psychotherapist.

She pledges “all woke and diversity, equity and inclusion programmes will be stopped” in London.

“I will serve all Londoners equally with a colourblind policy - people will be judged on their character not skin colour. I will protect religious freedoms, women’s sex-based rights and gay rights. No more identity politics. Our spaces should be for everyone,” she added.

Ms Gallagher garnered media attention after bringing legal action against the NHS, accusing it of forcing critical race theory on people.

Her manifesto pledges include:

  • ‘Stand Up To Woke’ - she will fight a woke dogma she says is destroying London’s industries, culture, and atmosphere
  • People should be judged on the content of their character, not the colour of their skin, in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 and Martin Luther King Jr.
  • “Make criminals scared again” and end gang violence in London
  • Ending Ulez, low traffic neighbourhoods and “the war on cars”
  • Increasing housing stock and reduce rents 
  • No more racialised divisive politics which drive people apart
  • We will not use the mayoralty as a platform for international “causes”
  • End two-tier policing of political views and make the Met impartial again
  • Protect women’s spaces with more visible policing and more police back on the beat
  • Encourage a vibrant night-time economy which in turn will make our streets more occupied and safer for women alone at night

You can read her full manifesto here.

Voters can cast their ballot in person on 2 May, by post or by proxy. Find your nearest polling station here.

Everyone will need to show photo ID at polling stations before they vote.

The results will be announced at City Hall on Saturday 4 May.

Read the full list of candidates here.

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