Boris Johnson news: Parliament passes law to halt no-deal Brexit, as PM insists Loch Ness monster could exist and grapples with bull

House of Lords moves against prime minister as Conservatives pull ‘chicken’ stunt

Andrew Griffin,Adam Forrest,Zamira Rahim
Friday 06 September 2019 16:00
In the middle of the Brexit crisis, Boris Johnson grapples with farm animal during Scotland farm visit

The House of Lords has passed a bill which is likely to block a no-deal Brexit.

The bill is expected ot become law on Monday.

It could compel Boris Johnson to return to Brussels and ask for an extension to Article 5.

The prime minister was in Scotland on Friday campaigning for an election he is yet to successfully call, after a torrid 24 hours in which his brother Jo resigned from government over his Brexit policy.

Mr Johnson grappled with a huge bull, said he “yearns” to believe in the Loch Ness monster, refused to rule out resigning, and was condemned by a Yorkshire police chief for using his officers as a political “backdrop”.

The prime minister is unable to trigger an election with Conservative votes alone and opposition parties have refused to back one in the immediate future.

The Conservative Party have attempted to portray Jeremy Corbyn as a cowardly chicken for refusing to back an election.

Press officers for the party tweeted out images of Mr Corbyn as a chicken and handed out samples of chicken to political journalists on Friday.

Diane Abbott, the shadow home secretary, dismissed the stunt as “silly playground games”.

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