Minister says Brexit campaign legitimised racist language

Mark McLaughlin
Sunday 14 August 2016 13:15
Nigel Farage in front of the controversial Leave.EU poster a week before the referendum
Nigel Farage in front of the controversial Leave.EU poster a week before the referendum

A church minister who grew up behind the Berlin Wall said she fears being seen as an intruder in Scotland following the Brexit vote.

The Rev Aniko Schutz Bradwell, who leads the Humbie with Yester, Bolton and Saltoun congregations in East Lothian, said the rhetoric of politicians in the Brexit campaign seems to have "made it legitimate to use racist language".

Rev Schutz Bradwell, 34, said she is more nervous speaking German in public since the vote, in comments issued by the Church of Scotland ahead of an event for EU nationals in Edinburgh this week.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who visited Germany last week, will meet EU nationals living in Scotland in an attempt to provide "reassurance and certainty" in the wake of the Brexit vote.

Mrs Schutz Bradwell, who is attending the event, said: "I was very shocked with the result of the EU referendum.

"I have been living in Scotland for 10 years, volunteering, working and studying during this time.

"Up until the referendum, I have always felt welcome here - as part of a wider society that is made up of people from different backgrounds, including their nationality.

"Now I'm much more worried about being seen as an intruder.

"Since the referendum there have been many reports of increased racist abuse.

"It seems to me that the rhetoric used by some of the politicians in the campaign for Brexit has made it legitimate to use racist language.

"I've noticed that I have at times been more nervous about speaking German to friends, or on the phone, in public."

She added: "I grew up in East Germany, behind a wall - with very limited opportunities to travel, learn from others, or even live abroad - I don't want us to build any more walls."


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