Brexiteer Tory MP caught in extraordinary confrontation during BBC interview: 'I'm not a snowflake'

'I tell you what, people like you make me want to join the EU again,' David Davies tells woman during three-minute spat

Chris Baynes
Wednesday 22 May 2019 08:57
Tory Brexiteer called a 'liar' by Leave supporter during BBC interview

A Conservative Brexiteer MP has been called a “liar” and a “traitor” during an extraordinary exchange with a Leave supporter during a television interview.

David Davies was speaking to BBC Wales outside parliament about a rise in abuse towards politicians when he was confronted by a passing woman, who accused him of “acting like a snowflake” and being a “remoaner”.

“I voted to leave, actually,” the Monmouth MP responded. “I’m not a snowflake.”

He added: “I was actually campaigning for Brexit and have been for years, so I don’t need to be given lectures by people like you.”

But the woman, wearing a microphone and filming Mr Davies on her mobile phone, told the Conservative he was “a liar” after he confirmed he voted for Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

“Shame on you. You’re a traitor,” she added. “You’ve betrayed 17.4 million people.”

Mr Davies responded: “I tell you what, people like you make me want to join the EU again quite honestly.”

Turning to the camera towards the end of the three-minute exchange, the Tory MP said: “And that’s what you have to put up with when you’re out here all the time.”

One viewer, writing on Twitter, said the confrontation between two staunch Leave supporters “kind of sums the whole sorry mess” of Brexit.

“BBC manages to find the personification of Brexit during David Davies interview,” added another.

A third wrote: "David Davies meets the contents of Pandora’s box. Wonder if it’s sunk in yet?"

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Labour Welsh Assembly member Alun Davies said the spat “showed the need for a conversation about how we can disagree with each other, have a serious debate and rebuild our politics”.

Mr Davies replied: “I can start by agreeing with you 100% on that Alun!”

The Tory MP has taken to wearing a GoPro camera around his neck in public to document any abuse from members of the public.

He told The Independent in January the footage he captured was also for his “protection” against “malicious allegations”.

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