Election highlights of the day: 24/04/10

Kevin Rawlinson
Sunday 23 October 2011 08:07

Insight of the day

The astrologer Russell Grant has come up with his predictions for the three leaders on 6 May.

Gordon Brown, a Pisces, "is currently in his Jupiter return year", Libran David Cameron has "a very beautiful chart with an emphasis on Leo and Libra", while Nick Clegg, Capricorn, would be well-advised to keep an eye on Jupiter, which is "in Leo...and Uranus". Not sure what that means, but one question: is it as accurate as a Sun poll?

Fact of the day

Billy Bragg delivered some home truths to the BNP while out canvassing in east London. The singer, who is appearing in a play highlighting the danger of extremism, asked the London Assembly member Richard Barnbrook – dressed as St George – if he knew that England's patron saint came from the Lebanon. "He didn't like that and just rode off on a horse," said Bragg.

Lesson of the day

Is Eric Pickles learning the hard way not to make promises he can't keep? After he promised to sack any Tory getting involved in dirty tricks, Nick Robinson reports hacks from the Tory papers were called in by Team Cameron for "Tory HQ's favourite titbits about the Lib Dems", much of which ended up in print.

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