Election Highlights of the Day: 29/04/2010

Kevin Rawlinson
Sunday 23 October 2011 09:07

Background of the day

Genealogists are clamouring to produce family histories for the party leaders.

Family History magazine reports that Dave is the illegitimate descendant of royalty, findmypast.co.uk says that Clegg has by far the most cosmopolitan background of the three, with a Russian baroness as a grandmother and a Dutch mother who was once a Japanese prisoner of war. Gordon Brown, it turns out is, wait for it, Scottish.

Misjudged strategy of the day

Alan Johnson, Home Secretary, is attacking the Tories' 'Big Society' policy. "There's a real sense with the Conservatives' 'Big Society' that we all walk into the sea holding hands, singing Hare Krishna to solve problems," he says. For a party which needs votes, is mocking Hare Krishnas the best policy, Alan?

Website of the day

The David Cameron anecdote-generator. According to the site, last week, Cameron "met a Caribbean family, who told him that civil partnerships were no substitute for proper married relationships". He also bumped into "a Somali family, who told him that BA strikers set fire to a bag of kittens". Shockingly accurate.

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