Nigel Farage urges Brexiters to 'get even' after legal ruling over Article 50

Mr Farage also said that the pro-EU judges who decided the High Court ruling should have absented themselves  

Tom Peck
Sunday 06 November 2016 10:29 GMT
Farage tells Brexiters to 'get even'

Nigel Farage has said that if Britain’s exit from the European Union is derailed there will be "political anger the like of which we have never seen in this country in my lifetime".

Mr Farage also questioned the independence of the judiciary, in response to this week’s High Court ruling that said parliament must vote on when to deploy Article 50, and the claims by Jeremy Corbyn that Labour could demand continued membership of the single market.

“If that’s where we end up we’ve got half a Brexit,” he told The Andrew Marr Show. Asked about whether the judges who made the decision had not acted independently, he said. “Look at Lord Justice Thomas, the founding member of a body seeking to integrate law at an EU level. Surely with that background he should have absented himself from this particular case.

“If the people of this country think they’re going to be cheated, we will see political anger the like of which we have never seen in this country in our lifetime.”

Asked by Mr Marr if there will be a real danger of "disturbance in the streets and so on" if Brexit is thwarted by Parliament, Mr Farage replied: "Yeah I think that's right.

"I heard you talking to Gina Miller earlier about the nasty things that have been said about her. Believe you me, I've had years of this, I've had years of hate mobs – taxpayer-funded hate mobs – chasing me around Britain. The temperature of this is very, very high."

He urged BRexiters to "get even" by launching peaceful protests and by voting at the ballot.

In lively exchanges with Ms Miller, the businesswoman who brought the case to the High Court, Mr Farage told her that by handing MPs the power to block of water down Brexit, “You will have stirred up the biggest political upset you have ever seen.”

Earlier Ms Miller told said "everyone in the country" should be her "biggest fan" following the controversial court case.

She said the High Court ruling has stopped the Government acting like a "tin-pot dictatorship" over plans to trigger Article 50 without consulting Parliament.

The investment fund manager and philanthropist said the press had "behaved disgracefully" following the court judgment.

She told The Andrew Marr Show: "This is about creating legal certainty and actually, everyone in the country should be my biggest fan because I've used my own money and a few of us we have used our own money to create legal certainty for Mrs May to move ahead."

She said it was "misdirection" to claim that the decision was unpicking parliamentary sovereignty.

"The case is that she cannot use something called the Royal Prerogative to do it because we do not live in a tin-pot dictatorship," she said.

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron criticised Mr Farage's warnings of disturbances. "This is the politics of the gutter," he said "All that has happened is that British judges in a British court have interpreted British laws.

"Nigel Farage should welcome that. British citizens aren't talking about taking to the street, only Nigel Farage is.

"Responsible leaders have a duty to calm tempers, heal division and work together to keep Britain open, tolerant and united."

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