Jeremy Corbyn on alcohol: 'I don't drink any, my secret is coconut water'

The Labour leader reveals the truth on his never fully understood policy on alcohol 

Tom Peck
Tuesday 06 June 2017 13:24 BST
The Labour leader delivers a speech at a rally in Gateshead yesterday
The Labour leader delivers a speech at a rally in Gateshead yesterday (Getty Images)

Into the last thirty-something hours of the campaign and why wouldn’t Jeremy Corbyn have time to do a Q and A with online lol factory Unilad?

In an extensive Facebook oriented Q and A session, the Labour leader’s quite extraordinary impression of a normal, functioning human being who feels real emotions even looks set to last right up until the polls close on Thursday night.

At the end of the questioning, which was in partnership with the Big Issue, Mr Corbyn was asked a number of testing 50 / 50 questions, some decidedly more awkward than others, and though he refused to reveal his preferred choice between Diane Abbott or Emily Thornberry, he did later reveal his regularly misunderstood policy on alcohol.

Interviewer: The Guardian or Viz?

JC: Neither.

Interviewer: You’ve got to choose one

JC: Oh….[pause] Viz

Theresa May or Margaret Thatcher?

Let’s go into a quiet place and I’ll say

Emily Thornberry or Diane Abbott?

Let’s go into an even quieter place

Home Brew or Special Brew?

I don’t drink. I know it’s really boring. I’m not saying I’ve never drunk but now I don’t drink anything at all. My secret is apple juice or coconut water.

Various polls show the gap between the two parties continuing to narrow, though in the last days, leading Conservative cabinet figures are making speeches in Labour held seats with 15 percentage point leads, evidence in itself that they may know something they don’t.

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