David Cameron branded a 'pie' after Jeremy Corbyn's Twitter account hacked

The rogue tweets were deleted in a matter of minutes

Doug Bolton
Sunday 10 January 2016 23:35 GMT
Corbyn's Twitter account appeared to have been hacked
Corbyn's Twitter account appeared to have been hacked

Jeremy Corbyn's Twitter account appeared to have been hacked on Sunday night, after a number of quickly-deleted foul-mouthed tweets targeting David Cameron and Trident appeared on the Labour leader's page.

Four rogue messages in total were posted for Corbyn's 385,000 followers, but were deleted minutes afterwards.

The tweets mentioned a football chant, a message against the UK's Trident nuclear weapons arsenal, and the assertion that "davey cameron" is a "pie".

The rude messages were quickly deleted

The final message simply said: "Straya c****", a phrase sometimes used in Australia as an exclamation of triumph.

This isn't the first time a politician has been made the victim of an embarassing hack - in 2014, Lincoln MP Karl McCartney came to attention after it was discovered that an image of a naked tied-up woman was in his account's list of 'favourite' tweets.

McCartney quickly un-favourited the tweets, and said he would be writing to Twitter to ask them to strengthen their security.

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