Plaque honouring Jo Cox unveiled in the House of Commons by her children

The plaque has the motto 'more in common' - inspired by Ms Cox's maiden speech as an MP

Saturday 24 June 2017 17:32
Coat of arms being unveiled in Parliament in honour of murdered MP Jo Cox
Coat of arms being unveiled in Parliament in honour of murdered MP Jo Cox

A plaque has been erected in the House of Commons to honour the murdered MP Jo Cox.

The coat of arms was unveiled by Ms Cox’s two children, Cullin, six, and Lejla, four, who also helped with the design.

The plaque was revealed on “family day” in Parliament and has the motto “more in common”, which is inspired by Ms Cox’s maiden speech in the House of Commons in 2015.

There are four roses on the coat of arms, which represent each of her family members. Two are red for the Labour party and the other two are white, for the county of Yorkshire, where Ms Cox was born.

Brendan Cox, Ms Cox’s husband, described the memorial as “incredibly touching” and “important” to his family.

"I think the attack on Jo was obviously an attack on her and the things she believed in, but it was also an attack on Parliament and on democracy,” Mr Cox told ITV News.

“So the fact that parliament is honouring her in this way and as long as this building stands, there will be that memory of her and what she stood for is really important to us and the wider family.”

MPs killed while in office are remembered by shields in the Commons.

Ian Glow was killed by an IRA car bomb in 1990 and Airey Neave died in a car bomb attack in 1979 and both have commemorative memorials in Parliament.

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