Labour leadership debate: Audience member says Jeremy Corbyn critics are 'cowards' and 'Blairites'

She said the centrist Labour Party were 'rubbish' and that 'nobody wants them'

Matt Murphy@Matt__Murphy
Thursday 15 September 2016 00:12
Woman calls all of labour blairites

A member of the audience of the final Labour leadership debate called opponents to Jeremy Corbyn "cowards" and "old Blairites".

The woman had booed an answer from Owen Smith when Faisal Islam pointed her out to ask why she had reacted in that manner.

She claimed she was angry at the treatment the current Labour leader had received.

“I’m just so angry at what the rest of the Labour party are doing to Jeremy Corbyn," she said

"I think they are cowards, they’re old Blairites, everybody hates Tony Blair.

"They sold the Labour Party out. The centrist Labour Party are rubbish, we don't want them," she added.

The heated debate between the leadership hopefuls was dominated by talks of unity as Mr Corbyn stressed the need for the party to come together after the election.

Mr Smith accused his opponent of not working towards unity and said he was trying to get MPs deselected after his campaign published a “hit list” of MPs who have “abused” Mr Corbyn hours before the debate.

The results of the Labour leadership election will be announced on 24 September.

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