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Brexit: Sign our letter from the people to the powerful demanding Final Say referendum

Follow the link below to tell your MP that you want the Final Say on Brexit

Saturday 19 October 2019 12:23 BST
Campaigners gear up for fresh Final Say march demanding second Brexit referendum

As hundreds of thousands of people prepare to take to the streets to call for a Final Say referendum on Brexit, here is how you can demand a vote directly from the people in power.

The Independent is uniting with People’s Vote to ask everyone – whether taking part in the march or not – to sign a letter to MPs, MEPs, the Prime Minister and the elected heads of government among the 27 other member of the European Council.

:: Sign the letter here to demand the Final Say on Brexit

The letter will be delivered simultaneously – but before the final Brexit deadline – to Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament, as well as the European Parliament and the Consilium Building in Brussels where the European Council meets.

In addition, MPs will be sent a list of signatories to this letter from their constituencies so that they know the strength of feeling among those who elected them before any final decision is made.

Even if MPs back Boris Johnson's deal in the House of Commons on Saturday, this does not kill off the chance of a Final Say referendum.

Commons speaker John Bercow has said he will allow a vote today on a motion tabled by Labour MPs Peter Kyle and Phil Wilson - if moved by the government - demanding a public vote on any change to the UK's relationship with the EU.

And in order to implement his deal, the prime minister must secure ratification by passing a Withdrawal Agreement bill through both Houses of Parliament in what is likely to be a fiercely-fought battle over two weeks, providing many opportunities for a second referendum to be written into law.

The withdrawal agreement must also be ratified by the European Parliament before Brexit happens, putting MEPs in a powerful position to respond to appeals from the UK public not to allow a bad deal through.

The letter reads: “You have great power here in the UK and in the EU. But we, the people, ask you to honour our shared democratic values by giving us the Final Say on Brexit.

“More than three years since the last referendum, Brexit has moved from a vague idea on a ballot paper to a very real and damaging prospect. The latest proposed deal cannot meet the promises made, nor be said to represent the will of the people.

“We do not want the powerful to force on the people a Brexit that will damage the economy in both the UK and the EU, threaten the peace process in Northern Ireland, as well as lead to years more uncertainty and chaos.

“Please do not turn your back on this last chance to stop us turning in on ourselves. Allow us to check whether we want to proceed with this Brexit. Let us decide in a People’s Vote.”

Labour's Sir Keir Starmer has thrown his weight behind the move, urging campaigners to send a message to the powerful on the march on Saturday.

In an email to supporters, he said: “Today, we're marching together to say we trust the people, not Boris Johnson, to solve this Brexit crisis. And we’re sending a message to the powerful.

"The Prime Minister will be inside the gates of Parliament for an emergency debate on his hard Brexit proposal which is a million miles away from what he promised in 2016.

“But I am proud to stand with the people – from all walks of life and every corner of our country – outside. And today we will be asking you to add your name to a letter we will send to the powerful in the UK and in the Europe

“It's a letter from the people that will go, not only to the Prime Minister, every MP and MEP, as well as the head of all the heads of government among the 27 other European member states.

"It asks them to honour our shared democratic values; it asks them not to turn away from us now and deny us the chance for the final say. Whether you're joining us today or not, add your name to the letter now and send a message to the powerful. “

Sign up here to demand the Final Say on Brexit and send this letter from the people to the powerful.

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