Liz Truss endorses Trump by claiming ‘West is doomed’ unless right-wingers save it

Former PM appears to all but endorse Donald Trump as she claims West needs ‘a conservative in the White House able to take on the deep rot of the deep state’

Andy Gregory
Wednesday 21 February 2024 18:01 GMT
Liz Truss: Conservatives have not taken on left-wing extremists

Liz Truss has delivered an apocalyptic warning that “the West is doomed” unless right-wing politicians like her are put in power to save it.

Echoing the rhetoric of Donald Trump, she blamed the “deep state” for her downfall as prime minister when her policies sparked an economic crash.

Ms Truss made her controversial comments in an article for Fox News TV, the right-wing US television station credited with helping Mr Trump win power.

Liz Truss recently launched the right-wing pressure group Popular Conservatism (PA)

Mr Trump claimed a secretive network of powerful officials and state institutes – the “deep state” – plotted to thwart his aims.

Critics dismissed it as a conspiracy theory aimed at blaming others for his failings.

Ms Truss said: “In too much of the free world, the left has been in charge for too long and the results are all too plain to see. Their agents are only too active in public and private institutions and what we have come to know as the administrative state and the deep state.”

She said she had seen it for herself first hand as the unnamed figures and bodies “sabotaged my efforts in Britain to cut taxes, reduce the size of government and restore democratic accountability”.

Her brief period in No 10 is best remembered for her catastrophic mini-Budget which sent the pound into a nose dive and sparked a crash in the markets.

Sunak reveals response to Truss being outlasted by lettuce: 'Country was in tough spot'

In her opinion piece, Ms Truss appeared to all but endorse Mr Trump’s bid for re-election.

Going even so far as to claim that “left-wing elites” will be “aided and abetted by our enemies in China, Iran and Russia” to undermine Western societies from within, Ms Truss continued: “In a vital election year for the US, it is why we don't just need a conservative in the White House.

“We need one who is able to take on the deep rot of the deep state and lead the free world.”

Her provocative comments are likely to attract ridicule from detractors who say she proved a reckless and incompetent prime minister, whose policies caused people’s mortgage repayments to soar.

But her allies insist her policies have since been proven right – and many Tories believe Ms Truss harbours aims of regaining the Tory leadership when Rishi Sunak leaves office, despite lasting just 49 days in Downing Street before being forced to step down.

The failed PM is striving to place herself at the forefront of a new brand of right-wing politics, recently lauching her so-called Popular Conservatism movement and now travelling to Washington, DC, where she is due to give a speech at the Republican CPAC event on Thursday.

Mr Trump is also due to speak at the event, alongside MyPillow chief executive Mike Lindell, politician Tulsi Gabbard and Steve Bannon.

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