Tim Farron says he knows why Michael Gove was a 'dreadful education secretary'

Michael Gove has said people do not want to hear from experts

Jon Stone
Tuesday 21 June 2016 20:54
Tim Farron attacks Michael Gove

Michael Gove was a "dreadful education secretary" because he did not trust experts, the leader of the Liberal Democrats has said.

Tim Farron told a major EU debate at Wembley arena in London that Mr Gove had got it wrong on so-called "experts".

The Tory MP earlier this month refused to name any economists backing leaving the the European Union.

He said: "People in this country have had enough of experts”.

But on Tuesday evening Mr Farron hit back.

"Nine out of ten experts say we’re better off in the European Union. Perhaps the quote of the whole campaign if Michael Gove saying we’ve had enough of experts," Mr Farron said.

"That’s perhaps an explanation of why he was such a dreadful education secretary. When I send my kids to school I want them taught by experts, not a bloke down the pub."

Mr Gove is campaigning as a senior figure in favour of leaving the European Union.

His time as education secretary was marked by running conflict with teachers and education academics, who is was accused of ignoring.

The EU referendum is on 23 June. The deadline to register to vote has already passed.

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