New Model Tories: Tory tribes

The cliques and closed circles emerging around David Cameron, as revealed by an anonymous insider

Thursday 22 September 2011 05:09

The Cameroons: The inner circle

George Eustice
Ex-farmer and head of Business for Sterling. Left the Conservative press office to be David Cameron's personal press officer at the start of his leadership campaign.

Edward Llewelyn
As Cameron's Chief of Staff, the 39-year-old Old Etonian runs his private office. Former assistant to Chris Patten in Brussels and Paddy Ashdown in Bosnia

Douglas Smith
A graduate of St Andrews, he was a key member of the Federation of Conservative Students in their radical days in the 1980s. Hit the headlines for organising high-class swingers' parties. Now writes speeches for Cameron.

Steve Hilton
Inventor of the Demon Eyes adverts in 1996, he went to work for Saatchis before starting his own consultancy Good Business. Diminutive, lives with MIchael Howard's former political secretary Rachel Whetstone and is now Cameron's Director of Communications.

Nick Pisani
Joined the Cameron team as Director of Presentation after several years as editor of the BBC's Question Time.

Danny Kruger
Recently moved from writing leaders on the Daily Telegraph to become Cameron's chief speechwriter. Had to stand down as a Tory candidate after an embarrassing gaffe.

Catherine Fall
Cameron's Deputy Chief of Staff, she accompanies Cameron wherever he goes and acts as his gatekeeper.

The Dream Team: Trusted parliamentary allies

William Hague
Shadow Foreign Secretary but Cameron's deputy in all but name.

Greg Barker
With Cameron right from the start - so rich he is known as the Cameron team's treasurer. A junior environment spokesman.

David Davis
Has managed to adapt to a Cameron leadership seamlessly. Now a key Cameron lieutenant.

Andrew Robothan
Acted as Cameron's "enforcer" during the leadership contest; rewarded with job of Deputy Chief Whip.

Michael Gove
Cameron's neocon conscience. Shadow Housing Minister who has an input into most of Cameron's speeches and articles.

Hugo Swire
Old Etonian former auctioneer, now Shadow Culture Secretary. Played a leading role in Cameron's leadership bid.

Desmond Swayne
Cameron's PPS - his eyes and ears in the Commons. Got into trouble for leaked emails in which he trashed his fellow MPs.

George Osborne
Shadow Chancellor, plays Gordon Brown to Cameron's Tony Blair. Cameron's closest ally in politics.

Andrew Mackay
Former Vice Chairman in charge of candidates, has taken on an elder statesman's role, advising Cameron.

Ed Vaizey
Friend of Cameron's from Oxford. Part of the new Tory media set - a regular on radio and TV.

Dave's Babes: No blue-rinses allowed

Justine Greening
The face of the 2005 intake; now Vice Chairman in charge of youth issues.

Fiona Hodgson
Head of the Conservative Women's Organisation, Hodgson is trying to drag it into the 21st century.

Sallie Hendry
Wife of MP Charles Hendry, a brilliant fundraiser and socialite. In charge of next year's Black & White Ball.

Anne Jenkin
Formidable wife of MP Bernard Jenkin, formed Women 2 Win, which is gaining increasing influence in Tory circles.

The Young Turks: Don't mention Tory Boy

Rishi Saha
A 28-year-old British Asian who was a candidate in Brent in 2005. Regular media performer on Sky and BBC Five Live, works for Steve Hilton at CCHQ on communications.

Zoë Aylward
A 26-year-old corporate tax advisor and member of the Conservative Future Executive. Has played a key role in attracting fellow young professionals into the Tory Party.

Karen Allan
A 27-year-old Geordie, Lloyd's insurance broker and aspirant Tory candidate, representative of the kind of professional women Cameron wants to attract.

Andrew Stephenson
At 25 became the youngest Tory Association Chairman (in George Osborne's constituency). A-Lister recently selected for marginal seat of Pendle.

Mark Clarke
Urbane 29-year-old marketing man, and new head of Conservative Future, who wants to shed its geek image.

Suella Fernandes
A 27-year-old trainee barrister, stood in Leicester East at the last election. Speaks fluent Spanish and French.

Claire Palmer
Fun-loving barrister who has become the social queen of Conservative Future. On the CF Executive.

Simon Jones
Aged 30, he advises Lord Ashcroft on youth affairs and is the man behind the Boris Johnson Tory recruitment posters being used across universities. A former candidate for Pontefract & Castleford.

The Black List: Equal opportunity knocks

Priti Patel
Former Referendum Party supporter, became William Hague's press officer. A candidate at the election, she is now a PR consultant. Regular media performer.

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones
Reputed to be Britain's only black farmer. Selected for the marginal seat of Chippenham recently.

James Cleverly
Ran for mayor of Lewisham but pulled out of London mayoral race, runs a popular Tory blog.

Kwasi Kwarteng
Former Bow Group Chairman, who stood for Brent East in 2005.

Shailesh Vara
MP for North West Cambridgeshire, elected in 2005. Former Vice Chairman of the party and black belt in tae kwon do.

Kulveer Ranger
Ambitious, young Sikh management consultant who fought Labour Party chairman Ian McCartney in Makerfield in the 2005 election.

Sam Gyimah
Edited a book on the Conservative revival called From the Ashes. Head of Policy of the Bow Group. Seen as a rising star.

The A List: Fast-tracked friends

Sayeeda Warsi
Muslim Vice Chairman of the party who stood in Dewsbury at the last election. Controversial views on the war on terror and not afraid to speak her mind.

Zak Goldsmith
Son of Sir Jimmy and former editor of the Ecologist, Goldsmith is drafting new green policies for Cameron.

Esther McVey
Former GMTV presenter, McVey is one of the Tory Party glamour girls. Gritty Liverpool accent, she nearly won Wirral West last time and is expected to stand again.

James Bethell
Founder of Ministry of Sound; Cameron insider expected to get a safe seat.

Laura Sandys
Businesswoman and consultant, and second in many selection contests. Chairs Open Democracy.

Martin Howe QC
The nephew of Lord (Geoffrey) Howe. Leading barrister and eurosceptic.

The Celebrity Endorsers: Still searching for a superstar

Kirsty Alsop
The star of Location, Location, Location, wore a revealing dress at the last Tory Black & White Ball. The rumour is that Cameron wants to persuade her to stand for Parliament.

Carol Thatcher
Jungle Queen is even mentioned as a potential London mayoral candidate.

Dylan Jones
Editor of GQ, thought to be a David Davis fan, but ran a breathless interview with Cameron. Now a fully signed-up Cameroon.

Derek Laud
Former Big Brother contestant wooed by Tories for his "star quality". Playing hard to get, but has been seen leaving Cameron's office.

Frank Lampard
Met David Cameron at the Beckhams' lavish pre-World Cup Party and was overheard telling the Conservative leader: "Anything I can do, just let me know."

Adam Rickitt
A metrosexual pin-up and former Coronation Street star. He incurred the wrath of wannabe Tory MPs when he leapfrogged them on to the party's A-list.

Louise Bagshawe
A chick-lit novelist and former Blair supporter, she is now on the Tory A-list and being put forward for appearances on Any Questions and Question Time. A star in the making.

The Pundits: Turning the airwaves blue

Iain Dale
Former Chief of Staff to David Davis, now runs the most popular political blog on the Net. Built a reputation as a Tory commentator on radio and television.

Bruce Anderson
The "Brute" is Cameron's cheerleader in the Tory press. He's writing a biography of Cameron that will be published in the autumn.

Tim Montgomerie
Runs the popular website, in which party activists delight in venting their spleen against the Cameron project. Emerging as a major player in Tory politics.

Matthew D'Ancona
This journalist's short time as Spectator editor has seen the magazine's circulation rise above 70,000. Supported David Davis in the Tory leadership election but is seen as a critical friend of Cameron.

Daniel Finkelstein
The comment editor of the Times, was head of policy under William Hague. He stood for election back in 2001 but has given up his parliamentary ambitions for the time being.

Michael Brown
Former Tory MP, was close to David Davis but was seen as having "sold out" during the leadership election. Writes critically of Cameron from the right

Matthew Parris
An arch Cameroon in outlook, he is regarded by many as David Cameron's conscience, as well as a highly influential political columnist .

The Pink Party: Glad to be Tory and gay

David Gold
The party's first openly gay candidate in 2001, has recently been selected for the highly marginal seat of Eltham.

Nicholas Boles
The genial director of the Policy Exchange think tank, he fought and lost Hove in the 2005 election, and is running for Mayor of London. Harvard-educated, he has built up a successful DIY business.

Nick Herbert
David Davis acolyte who was head of the Reform think tank. Parachuted into Arundel to replace Howard Flight and is now Shadow Police Minister.

Margot James
The Conservatives most famous lesbian is Vice Chairman in charge of women's issues. A millionaire through her health PR agency, she fought Frank Dobson in 2005, and is expected to get a good seat next time.

Ashley Crossley
Successful barrister who overcame a vicious homophobic campaign in Falmouth and Camborne in 2005 to live to fight another day.

Alan Duncan
First Tory MP to declare his homosexuality, he is now the Shadow Trade & Industry Spokesman. Charming and capable, he's held back by a reputation for duplicity.

The Z List: Cast out into eternal darkness

Ann Widdecombe
Believes Cameron has something of the policy-lite about him. A vocal opponent of the Tory leader's plans for positive discrimination for women.

Simon Heffer
Heffer rails venomously against David Cameron at every opportunity and regards him as a fake. Cameron's not reticent in letting Heffer know the feeling is mutual.

Amanda Platell
Platell bases her dislike of Cameron on her view that he is a man without substance. She also doesn't fancy him.

Lord Kalms
Former party Treasurer lost patience with Cameron over his lack of support for Israel during the recent Lebanon conflict.

Lord Saatchi
Having submitted huge and unexpected bills for his advice in the last election campaign, Lord Saatchi is now persona non grata in the Conservative Campaign HQ.

Peter Hitchens
Believes all Tories to be "useless" and that Cameron is an even worse leader than Michael Howard.

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