Six-year-old girl confronts Farage on live TV : 'My mummy says you don't like foreigners'

Nigel Farage 'knighted' by six-year-old girl who then asks if he hates foreigners

Former Ukip leader confronted by young child after bizarre mock knighthood ceremony

Benjamin Kentish@BenKentish
Saturday 04 March 2017 11:02

Nigel Farage has been accused of “hating foreigners” by a six-year-old girl dressed as the Queen during a television interview with Russia Today.

In a bizarre clip, the former Ukip leader, who was reported earlier in the week to be angry that he had been denied a knighthood, kneels down in front of the child, who then pretends to knight him with a toy sword.

At the end of an interview about Ukip’s prospects, Russia Today presenter Sam Delaney says “bring in Her Majesty, it’s time to knight Nigel Farage”, before telling the Ukip MEP to “kneel there”.

Mr Farage, doing as instructed, begs: “Don’t hurt me”. He then thanks the child.

“You are now Sir Nigel Farage”, mocks Mr Delaney. “We’re also making you honorary British ambassador to America and honorary MP for South Thanet because they didn’t elect you for real. So arise Sir Nigel.”

Mr Farage says he is “honoured”.

The stunt takes a strange twist when, at the end of the staged ceremony, the young girl turns to the Ukip politician and says: “My mummy says you hate foreigners".

An embarrassed Mr Farage replies: “Did she? I don’t think that’s quite right.”

“The Queen has to be non-political”, he retorts.

Mr Delaney, meanwhile, quickly tried to dismiss the comment, saying: “No no, little girl, no no no. You’re not supposed to say that. That’s very naughty.”

The incident comes days after the former Ukip leader attacked his party’s only MP, Douglas Carswell, and called for him to thrown out.

Writing in The Daily Telegraph, Mr Farage said: “As a party, how can we let a man represent us in the House of Commons who actively and transparently seeks to damage us?

“I think there is little future for Ukip with him staying inside this party. The time for him to go is now.”

The row is the latest in a series of spats between the two men and comes amid controversy within Ukip over whether Mr Carswell tried to prevent Mr Farage receiving a knighthood. It was reported on Tuesday that the MP had suggested his former leader should instead be given an OBE “for services to headline writers”.

In response, Mr Farage claimed he was “not particularly” interested in being knighted.

Mr Carswell, meanwhile, denied he had done anything wrong, saying: “The emails… directly contradict those who suggest I was not trying to ensure that Ukip got its share of peerages and honours.

“You cannot regard that email as anything other than being supportive that Ukip gets its fair share of peerages and honours.”

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