Police to get extra £30million to fight terrorism

Police forces are to get an extra £30 million to help meet their massive costs in the wake of the September 11 atrocities, the Chancellor told the House of Commons today.

He also said as part of his pre-Budget statement that the UK armed forces will receive £100 million towards the war on terrorism with another £20 million going on intelligence work.

Humanitarian aid was also addressed, with £100 million earmarked for Afghanistan and a pledge to "significantly increase" the amount spent on international aid in the next spending round, increasing the share of national income going on aid.

Speaking of the policing money, a Home Office spokeswoman said that the Metropolitan Police will get the lion's share of £22 million because of the vast sums it has been spending on anti­terrorism measures, as well as security and protection for public figures.

Home Secretary David Blunkett is understood to have pressed the Chancellor very hard for the extra funds because he did not want the police's normal crime­fighting duties to suffer because of the new terror threat.

"The key thing is that the police service continues to serve the community without being unduly affected by the heightened terrorism threat," said the spokeswoman.

The £30 million will fund the period from September 11 to the end of the financial year next March, she added - a figure of about £1 million a week.

The City of London police will get £1 million to cover additional costs, said the spokeswoman, while other forces in England and Wales will be able to submit a bid for a share of the remaining £7 million.

It will be handed out after a "detailed assessment of any legitimate costs".

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