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Democrats should beware thinking they can distract Trump from his re-election bid

Even in a primary he has essentially already won, the president is still pulling in large voter numbers, writes Chris Stevenson

Sunday 16 February 2020 22:19 GMT
Donald Trump’s voter turnout numbers give the Democrats cause for concern
Donald Trump’s voter turnout numbers give the Democrats cause for concern (Getty)

It has been a busy time for Donald Trump, who is obviously quite upset by the Democrats’ attempt to force him from office via impeachment. There have been reports that he is seeking to reduce his team down to a core he can trust.

Paranoia is not a new thing in any political landscape, but Trump has never seemed shy about tweeting whatever theories are running through his head. The New York Times reported over the weekend that as many as 50 career professionals have been told to leave the White House and return to their home agencies and departments. Trump has also brought Hope Hicks and Johnny McEntee back into the fold – they were key personnel during his 2016 campaign.

There is an argument that Trump will find it hard to get his election message out amid all the impeachment fallout and potential new hearings in the House of Representatives. With no real primary challenger either, unlike a packed Democratic Party field, some may suggest Trump will not be in fighting form for the general election. But it is possible to argue the opposite; this retro-fitting to a team more similar to the one around the president in 2016 may actually help his cause. Trump’s presidency may not be the same in the next few months, but this new election effort will reflect his last campaign.

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