Shock BNP by-election gain in Kent

Chris Mead,Press Association
Friday 20 February 2009 10:51 GMT

The BNP made a shock gain in the latest council by-elections, taking a Labour seat at Sevenoaks District, Kent.

Its candidate Paul Golding won at Swanley St Mary's with a 76-vote majority.

The ward is a traditional Labour enclave in the Tory controlled district.

The result follows a near miss for the far right last month at nearby Bexley London Borough.

Also this week the BNP polled more than 28 per cent in third place at Thringstone, North West Leicestershire but Labour defended the seat.

The results showed a votes advance for the Tories after two disappointing weeks for them.

However they failed to gain at Bilton, Harrogate Borough, North Yorkshire where Liberal Democrats recovered the seat of a former party councillor who had become independent.

On paper the double contest at Downham in south London's Lewisham Borough was a boost for Labour but most of the running was made by Conservatives who came from a poor third place to just one vote short of second.


Harrogate Borough - Bilton: Lib Dem 902, C 673, BNP 164, Lab 51. (May 2007 - Lib Dem 974, C 877, BNP 122). Lib Dem gain from Ind. Swing 3.9 per cent C to Lib Dem.

Lewisham London Borough - Downham: Two seats Lib Dem 1075, 1067, Lab 655, C 654, Lab 635, C 632, BNP 287, Green 63, 62. (May 2006 - Three seats Lib Dem 1130, 1117, 1106, Lab 590, 586, 554, C 403, 330, 326, Green 153, 149, 137). Lib Dem hold two seats. Swing 4.5 per cent Lib Dem to Lab.

North West Leicestershire District - Thringstone: Lab 593, C 520, BNP 465, Lib Dem 76. (May 2007 - Two seats Lab 634, 564, C 501, 376, Lib Dem 355, 331). Lab hold. Swing 3.5 per cent Lab to C.

Sevenoaks District - Swanley St Mary's: BNP 408, Lab 332, C 247. (May 2007 - Two seats Lab 462, 420, C 208, 197, Ukip 165). BNP gain from Lab. Swing 10.5 per cent Lab to C.

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