Theresa May's political prospects became 'very difficult' after the election, Boris Johnson says

Foreign Secretary praised the PM for supposedly turning her situation around

Jon Stone
Political Correspondent
Thursday 06 July 2017 09:32
Boris Johnson admits it didn't look good for Theresa May on the morning after the election

The political situation for Theresa May became “very difficult” following the 8 June general election, Boris Johnson has said.

The Foreign Secretary said the Prime Minister had show “unbelievable grace and steel” and “put things back together” in the period after the vote.

Mr Johnson denied any leadership ambitions and said there was “no vacancy” for the leadership of the Conservative party.

“I think that everybody listening to this will know very well that there is no vacancy for that post nor is there going to be, nor is there going to be for a very long time,” he old BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

“I think most people, actually, there was an event last night, there was a sort of Conservative party event last night, Theresa May gave a fantastic speech.

“I was watching her and thinking what unbelievable grace and steel she has shown over the last few weeks when the thing did not frankly look too brilliant on the morning in of June 9, it looked very difficult.

He continued: “She’s put things back together, she’s got a show on the road, she’s delivering a stable government as she said she would and we are getting on with it. I think people can be very proud of what this administration is doing.”

Referring to leadership speculation, the Foreign Secretary argued that the “last thing people want is any more of this kind of nonsense”.

Mr Johnson’s statement of Tory activists comes after a leadership poll by the ConservativeHome website shows Mr Johnson falling behind Brexit Secretary David Davis.

Ratings for Theresa May have also turned around from sky-high to rock bottom, with the Chancellor Philip Hammond and Tory chair Patrick McLoughlin also suffering.

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