Village people: 19/12/2009

Andy McSmith
Saturday 19 December 2009 01:00

Flying the flag for patriotism

*Andrew Rosindell the Conservative MP for Romford, is known as the candidate who first won his seat campaigning with a bulldog dressed in a Union flag.

He believes in hanging, in legalising guns, and the gamut of right-wing obsessions, but he should be saluted for his latest act of bulldog patriotism. He has persuaded the Commons authorities to fly the Union flag on all three flagpoles above the Houses of Parliament all year round, and not just on the day of the Queen's Speech. And why not?

Where were you, Gordon?

*Is Gordon Brown turning publicity-shy late in life? Since the summer break, the Prime Minister's "monthly" press conferences have been held on 4 September, 12 November and, er, that's it for 2009.

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