RAC jumps to aid of train

Tuesday 26 July 1994 23:02

BRITISH RAIL knew just what to do when one of its trains broke down - it called out the RAC.

Within hours, the mighty Monarch of the Glen was moving again, thundering through the Scottish Highlands with 80 passengers after being effectively jump-started by a recovery crew.

Trouble befell the 13-coach train on a luxury excursion from London to Scotland when it pulled into Edinburgh early on Saturday.

The train was found to have a faulty generator van - needed to power lighting and air conditioning on a day when temperatures were set to reach 78 degrees. BR's control centre at Crewe was alerted but realised the van needed a charger of a type not found at maintenance depots.

So it called the RAC, which alerted a contractor near Edinburgh. The recovery crew borrowed a BR trolley to move two huge batteries alongside the train and got the generator van operating again - leaving British Rail with a call-out bill for pounds 92.50

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