'Shout ding ding' advises bus service after bell system breaks

If you shout "ding dong" does the bus speed up?

Christopher Hooton
Wednesday 25 February 2015 10:57 GMT
(Manda Hope Appleby)

It's a slower pace of life in Barnsley. When the bell malfunctioned on one of its buses this week managers didn't rush in a repairman or remove the vehicle from service – the driver just got out a permanent marker and scribbled the suggestion that passengers shout "ding ding" instead.

This wouldn't pass in London. People would either explode in fury at the state of public transport or else be advised to shout 'THIS IS MY F*CKING STOP LET ME OFF OR I'LL BE THREE MINUTES LATE FOR WORK!'.

The sign has delighted Twitter since Manda Hope Appleby posted it, attracting over a thousand retweets.

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