The top 10 degrees subjects to study for the highest paying jobs

Science, technology, engineering and maths top the list of highest paying degrees

Samuel Osborne
Saturday 19 September 2015 14:05
Science, technology, engineering and maths top the list of highest paying degrees
Science, technology, engineering and maths top the list of highest paying degrees

Deciding which degree to study at university can be a difficult decision for many students.

While it’s always better to choose a degree based on how much you enjoy a subject, if you’re struggling to decide between two courses it can be good to consider future career prospects.

Job search engine Adzuna has looked through the listings on its website to calculate the average salaries for graduates of every degree.

Here are the 10 degrees that can get you the highest paying jobs in the UK:

10) Maths

Average pay: £39,015

Codebreaker Alan Turing

Maths graduates are currently in high demand in the UK, so they can command higher salaries.

Many choose to work as finance workers, accountants, bankers or statisticians.

The degree can also be useful for those looking to work in technology.

9) Mechanical engineering

Average pay: £39,106

Engineering students can get various jobs in aerospace, defence and automotive industries.

They also form part of the STEM – science, technology, engineering and maths – subjects that the government is encouraging people to study.

8) Science

Average pay: £10,409

Professor Hawking said that there was 'no bigger question' in science than whether human beings are alone

Science graduates can get jobs in the pharmaceuticals industry, in chemical engineering or even in finance.

The government is currently trying to encourage more scientific entrepreneurship throughout the UK.

7) Architecture

Average pay: £40,788

Though it takes 7 years to become a fully qualified architect – including several years working in agencies on placements – graduate level jobs are often better paid than many other careers.

6) Finance

Average pay: £40,908

A career in finance has long been considered one of the best paid in the world.

Graduates can work as accountants, bankers or financial analysts.

5) Economics

Average pay: £41,144

Both economics and finance graduates are highly sought after. They often find themselves fighting over the same jobs, and economics grads are likely to work as economists, bankers, financial analysts and statisticians.

4) Computer science

Average pay: £41,950

Mark Zuckerberg, who left his computer science degree to start Facebook, speaks at the F8 Summit in San Francisco in March 2015

As advances in technology are increasingly affecting different industries, the demand for people who can build websites or create powerful databases is growing.

Computer science grads can land jobs as developers, systems administrators or IT consultants.

3) Accounting

Average pay: £42,404

Thousands of accounting graduates are employed by KPMG, PwC, Deloitte and EY each year.

Britain’s accountants are among the most revered around the globe, allowing them to work all over the world.

2) Engineering

Average pay: £42,837

Engineering graduates can work in a variety of jobs such as aerospace, defence, automotive, chemical and construction engineers, or as patent officers and management consultants.

While engineering degrees are less specialised than mechanical engineering degrees, they are still highly regarded by employers.

1) Civil Engineering

Average pay: £44,851

The sun sets on the London skyline viewed from an upper floor of a newly constructed skyscraper, The Leadenhall Building, otherwise known as the 'Cheesegrater' for its distinctive shape

Civil engineering graduates find jobs as surveyors, site engineers, structural engineers and environmental consultants.

They’re in high demand, with future jobs including work on skyscrapers across London and infrastructure projects such as Crossrail and HS2.

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