The Top Ten: Longest-reigning British monarchs

John Rentoul
Sunday 29 November 2015 11:02 GMT
Elizabeth II: 1952-present, 63 years to date
Elizabeth II: 1952-present, 63 years to date

This came from a quiz question at my local pub that asked us to name the six British monarchs who reigned for more than 50 years. I had little idea: I could name only two

1. Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom 1952-present, 63 years to date.

2. Victoria of the United Kingdom 1837-1901, 63 years.

3. George III of the United Kingdom 1760-1820, 59 years.

4. James VI of Scotland (and I of England) 1567-1625, 57 years.

5. Henry III of England 1216-1272, 56 years.

6. Edward III of England 1327-1377, 50 years.

7. William I of Scotland 1165-1214, 48 years.

8. Charles Brooke, Rajah of Sarawak 1868-1917, 48 years. If British monarch is taken to be a ruling monarch who is British by nationality, Alasdair Brooks offers the longest-serving "White Rajah".

9. Llywelyn II of Gwynedd 1194 or 1195-1240, 44-46 years. Thanks to Clive Carpenter and Davey Barton, who calls him "My local chap."

10. Elizabeth I of England and Ireland 1558-1603, 44 years.

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