Tube strike 2014: Save the Children's sobering tweet to first world problems

Charity offers stark reminder of just how minor our Tube trike woes are

Tom Payne
Wednesday 30 April 2014 11:47

Twitter may be awash with tales of commuter chaos today, but Save the Children has used the social media frenzy to counter our distinctly first-world problem.

The charity group hijacked the #tubestrike hashtag to raise awareness of the fact that, while the strike will end next week, there is no telling when the crisis in Syria will end.

It was a sobering reminder of our relatively minor travel problems, as Save the Children produced a mock-TFL poster explaining the devastating humanitarian crisis in Syria.

Food, medicine and doctors are all facing ‘severe delays’, other services including electricity and water are ‘part suspended’ or ‘under siege’, and schools and checkpoints are ‘closed’ all together.

“Syria’s children need life-saving aid now,” the poster says. “The UN and humanitarian agencies must be able to reach Syria’s children urgently – wherever they are.”

The war-torn country is home to an estimated 4.4 million children who urgently need help.

More than 1 million children have already fled the country, and are now living in crowded refugee camps or villages.

The charity has already helped 230,000 children and their family members by providing them with food and medicine.

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