Teachers see double as 15 sets of twins start school in same area

Over 80 pairs in total are due to start across the region this week

Matt Murphy@Matt__Murphy
Monday 15 August 2016 17:32

Primary teachers will be preparing for double trouble this week as 15 sets of twins start school in one local area of Scotland.

When a new term starts this Wednesday in Inverclyde, there will be over 80 sets of twins in primary schools across the region.

Locals have been left wondering whether there is "something in the water" after a record 19 pairs enrolled last year.

"We seem to have an ever-increasing number of twins starting school, although it has scaled back slightly this year,” said Terry Loughran, convener of education at Inverclyde Council.

"It's a really exciting time for them, and for parents too, although it can occasionally provide a challenge for teachers identifying who's who as traditionally we would have the twins in the same class.

"It's a lot of fun. They are here to learn and we're going to give them a great education."

Sara Goyal, 38, is mother to Charlotte and Morgan, aged five, who will start at Inverkip Primary.

She said: "They are very excited - we've had a countdown on the fridge all summer and they're really looking forward to it.

"They will be in the same class. They asked my opinion and although they get on very well they aren't so close that I thought it would be a problem for them to be taught together.

"They've got enough change coming this week that it will be good for them to have some familiarity.

"It's a big day for us on Wednesday and although it's mixed emotions for me, they are more than ready for it."

She added: "It's so interesting to see all the different personalities here today.

"With my own twins, one is exuberant and one is quite quiet, and it seems to be the same with the others."

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