World's first crisp sandwich shop for Belfast

The scheme began as a spoof following the opening of London's cereal cafe

Ben Tufft
Saturday 10 January 2015 18:18
Simply Crispy
Simply Crispy

In response to London’s cereal café comes Simply Crispy, Belfast’s newest crisp sandwich shop, in what is thought to be a world first.

It began as a joke, by the satirical website the Ulster Fry, but has turned serious since the website teamed up with a local café to make the idea a reality.

Ulster Fry put their idea on the internet, not thinking that anyone would take it seriously, but thousands of people responded favourably to the proposal.

One man, Andrew McMenamin, who owns That Wee Café in Belfast, offered to transform his business when he read the spoof online.

“When I read the article I immediately thought, we could make that joke into a reality, and got in touch. The lads at the Ulster Fry thought it would be fun, so from Monday we’re rebranding the café as ‘Simply Crispy’,” he told the Irish Independent.

The café will specialise in a range of classic and contemporary crisp sandwiches to suit all palates and budgets from their premises in the Northern Irish capital.

One of the crisp sandwiches that will be available

Writing on their website Ulster Fry said: “A nice young man who owns a cafe in Belfast city centre loved the idea so much, he wanted to partner with us to convert his premises into Simply Crispy, and bring the idea to life.”

Customers will be able to choose their bread, crisps and add cheese or ham to their sandwich, which will be served with soup and chips.

Only time will tell how popular a shop selling crisp sandwiches will be.

Simply Crispy will open on Monday at 8 Bedford Street, Belfast

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