Unlikely 'bromance' between goat and tiger soon to end as mating season approaches

It's time to find a bride for Timur the goat who developed unlikely friendship with a Serbian tiger

May Bulman@maybulman
Saturday 27 February 2016 17:24

The heart-warming story of a goat and a tiger who became best friends is soon to come to an end as zoo staff publicly seek a mate for Timur the goat.

Timur befriended Serbian tiger Amur at the Russian safari park in November when he was put into his cage as prey for the big cat. Instead of predator and prey they miraculously became good friends.

The bromance between the pair soon transformed into an internet sensation. Thousands of people have watched online footage of the unlikely couple strolling along together and sleeping soundly next to one another.

The duo were separated by in January over fears Amur the tiger might develop his wild side, but have continued to bond through the fence between their enclosures.

Now, amid fears the friendship could violate Russia’s gay propaganda law, staff at the Far East Safari Park are holding a public contest to find Timur a bride.

Details of “bride contestants” are being posted to the Timur and Amur Facebook page, which has over 5,000 followers.

“The bride contestant is from Nahodka city, she is three years old,“ read the first, posted on 7 Febuary.

“She had a 'husband' before, but that previous male goat's life was tragically taken after he fell into the ground hole and broke his legs. She is looking for a new love.”

Details of a second contestant were published two weeks later, presenting her as two-year-old Ksusha from Mari El.

A third contestant, named Angela Merkel is also in the running. YouTube footage shows her being dressed in tiger print cloth in order to make her more attractive to her potential suitor.

"I hope Timur ultimately comes to here to live with us in our cosy Moscow region in which there are no tigers, but there is a goat called Merkel,”

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