Man seeks $8 funding for a Chipotle burrito on Kickstarter

Burrito fan aims to taste test his order during a skydive

Christopher Hooton
Thursday 13 February 2014 13:06 GMT
Man goes into extraordinary detail with burrito tasting
Man goes into extraordinary detail with burrito tasting (Kickstarter)

No you haven't been redirected to The Onion, a Chicago man is genuinely trying to crowdfund his next burrito, and what's more he has already achieved his $8 goal more than 70 times over.

Entitled 'Graphing the deliciousness of a chicken burrito', the Kickstarter project sees Noboru Bitoy attempt to pass off the consumption of a Mexican wrap as a public service.

"Just how delicious is a chicken burrito from my local Chipotle?" he writes. "I will find & display the answer in a creative presentation!"

The tongue-in-cheek campaign quickly reached its $8 target, the ensuing burrito earning a 'Yum!' on Bitoy's deliciousness scale.

But when the fund continued to rocket it demanded a greater level of detail in burrito research, something which the Chicago resident admirably met.

Burritos were compared by salsa, tortilla and more (Picture: Kickstarter)

He proceeded to identify the 24 different types of chicken burrito it is possible to create at the chain restaurant before testing them out, and in a remarkable twist has pledged to determine the deliciousness of a Chipotle chicken burrito while "plummeting from the heavens" during a skydive if he reaches $500 (and he already has).

The drive has been labelled 'awesome', 'a brilliantly simple idea' and 'complete overkill' (me), though in fairness if it's a choice between delicious burritos and a Kickstarter-funded Zach Braff movie, the burrito wins every time.

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