Monkey steals GoPro camera and takes forest selfie


Heather Saul@heatheranne9
Friday 28 February 2014 17:32

A tourist who had his expensive GoPro camera stolen by a monkey discovered the animal had taken a selfie on the device when it was returned.

The photographer was busy feeding other monkeys in the Uluwatu Temple on the island of Bali, Indonesia when his GoPro was snatched by the mischievous primate.

“I was going to feed the monkeys with fruits and had the brilliant idea to shoot it with my GoPro,’ he explained.

“Suddenly, many monkeys started to approach and in a matter of second my camera was robbed."

Luckily for the tourist a local woman managed to persuade the monkey to return the device.

“After a few minutes of panic, a sweet lady who works in the temple made a ‘deal’ with Mr Monkey and traded my camera for some fruits," the tourist said.

“I lost the battery but got this awesome and unexpected video.”

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