These 'I survived a meeting' award ribbons are this year's must-have desk accessory

You did it!

Christopher Hooton
Thursday 09 July 2015 10:08 BST

Meetings are the worst. Tedious, inexorable and very often coming to no useful conclusions.

Artist Will Bryant has got your back though, coming up with misanthropic ribbons that proudly let your colleagues now how little you enjoy their company in Function Room B.

Made out of gold foil embossed in a bright blue ribbon, complete with hanging string for your computer, the 'I Survived Another Meeting That Should Have Been An Email' award ribbons cost $3.50 and measure 2" by 8.5".

If the manufacturers are reading this, here's some more ribbons I'd like to see:

"I Survived Another Meeting That Should Have Been Wrapped Up in 20 Minutes But Dragged Out To A Full Hour"

"I Survived Another Meeting That Digressed Hopelessly Off-Topic"

"I Survived Another Meeting On Just One Small Triangular Sandwich"

"I Survived Another Day In This Bleak World Of Meetings And 'Catch Ups'"

You can buy your very own award ribbon here.


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