Zookeeper chases after penguins trying to make a daring zoo escape

'Perhaps our penguins have watched The Penguins of Madagascar a bit too much'

Samuel Osborne
Monday 23 November 2015 16:16
Penguins' escape foiled by zookeeper

A zookeeper captured footage of penguins trying to make an escape from the zoo, seemingly inspired by Penguins of Madagascar.

In the video, the keeper first notices imprints left from the birds' flippers.

After following the prints and rounding a corner, they film five penguins making a daring move for the exit.

When the penguins spot him following them, they begin to run faster, but eventually come to a dead end.

Realising their well-planned escape has been foiled, they turn and waddle back to their enclosure in defeat.

The video was captured by a zookeeper at Odense Zoo in Denmark and uploaded to YouTube under the title "Pingvinflugt," or "Penguin Escape".

More then 1.8 million people have now watched the video.

A spokesperson for the zoo joked: "Perhaps our penguins have seen The Penguins of Madagascar too much?"

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