Dog dies after attacking suicide bomber at Nigerian village wedding

Explosives kill Boko Haram suicide bomber and pet during struggle

Lizzie Dearden
Thursday 06 April 2017 10:05 BST
Maiduguri has been hit by a string of suicide bombings
Maiduguri has been hit by a string of suicide bombings (AFP/Getty Images)

A dog has died after attacking a suicide bomber who tried to blow herself up at a wedding in Nigeria.

Witnesses said the teenage girl attempted to infiltrate a crowd celebrating near the town of Maiduguri, where Isis affiliate Boko Haram has been waging a bloody campaign to establish a “caliphate”.

Buba Ahmed, from Belbelo village, said the bomber was on the outskirts of the gathering when the dog attacked her on Sunday morning, grappling with her until the explosives detonated and killed them both.

He said guests were grateful to the pet, which they felt had “sacrificed itself to save their lives”.

Borno state police confirmed the incident, which came hours after three suicide bombers were killed in attacks foiled in nearby towns.

A multinational force has driven Boko Haram jihadis out of most towns and villages in north-eastern Nigeria, but the extremists have resorted to attacking soft targets with suicide bombers.

Unlike its parent group Isis, it frequently uses women for the attacks, with those who manage to escape the terrorist group claiming they were paid or kidnapped and forced.

An 18-year-old woman who was stopped while wearing an explosive vest in Maiduguri in February said she had been given N200 (50p) for food by militants who instructed her to “detonate the explosives anywhere we saw any form of gathering”.

“They said if we press the button, the bomb would explode and we will automatically go to heaven,” said Amina, who had been abducted by Boko Haram two years before.

Nigerian troops and militias have prevented dozens of suicide bombings in recent months through increased security at checkpoints, along with body searches outside targets like marketplaces and mosques, but dozens have been killed.

Additional reporting by AP

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