Moroccan gang rape victim's sister miscarries after seeing video of the assault

Footage of the incident has gone viral and sparked outrage across the nation 

Saturday 18 November 2017 09:21
The rape happened in Casablanca
The rape happened in Casablanca

The sister of a Morrocan gang rape victim has said she suffered a miscarriage after watching footage of the assault.

The video of the young woman being attacked by a group of teenage boys on a bus in Casablanca sparked outrage after it was shared on social media.

It showed the victim, who is believed to be 26-years-old, being molested while the attackers tore off her clothes and insulted her.

The woman, who the authorities said has learning difficulties, can be seen crying for help as neither the bus driver nor any of the passengers intervene.

The victim’s sister, who was pregnant when she found out about the assault, said her “heart ached” after she watched the video.

"My sister looks a lot like me," she told AJ+. "As soon as I came across the video in the morning, I knew it was her."

She added: "I lost my baby... When I saw my sister in that situation, being assaulted and screaming, without [being shown] any sympathy nor mercy.”

The assault was filmed and posted online and quickly went viral. It lead to hundreds of Moroccans staging a mass sit-in protest in response to the incident.

Protesters chanted "we are not afraid! Liberate public space!" as they marched in Casablanca.

Sexual harassment and abuse of women is rife in Morocco where a national survey found that nearly two-thirds of women had experienced physical, psychological, sexual or economic abuse.

The Moroccan authorities said they had arrested six boys aged 15 to 17 for their “presumed implication in the woman's aggression” and put them under investigation.

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